Alexander and Silvia – Wedding in black and white

I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time, wanting to publish a post with an all-black-and-white wedding, but I hadn’t yet come across the right wedding.
This moment has arrived with Silvia and Alessandro, a couple who took care of their wedding down to the smallest detail, who filled this day with emotion, thanks in part to a few tears in the most intense moments and those smiles that you will surely notice open up on their faces every time they are portrayed together.
But back to the choice to publish this selection in black and white.
Black-and-white photographs have always had, in the public imagination, a fascination all their own, perhaps due in part to the fact that a large proportion of the photos that have made history were taken in black and white.
For us, black-and-white photography often stands for simplification, for essentiality, for purity. By photographing in black and white and eliminating the color variable we focus more attention on what is the essence of photography: on light and composition.
Hence the idea of applying this type of photo to an entire wedding, in order to make the photographs even more direct, and therefore exciting. Going to create a simple and impactful narrative that can move the viewer in a universal way.
More than words however we like to let the pictures speak, so I leave you with a selection taken from this wedding.
PS: Don’t forget to check out the sites of the professionals who helped make this day unique, find their links just above.

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