Maša and Andrea – Premarriage in Trieste amidst the roses

Maša and Andrea chose an unusual yet original and striking setting for their pre-wedding service, namely the rose garden and park of San Giovanni overlooking Trieste.

Like a waterfall, the park descends toward the base of the city and opens to the sea.

It was here that the city’s psychiatric hospital was opened in 1908. In the 1970s, the Park became the place of innovation and change: it was here that a revolution of international significance in the field of psychiatry took place, thanks to Franco Basaglia and his collaborators. The hospital and the Park open up to the city: patients are free to leave and citizens to enter.

And we went in. Maša is particularly attached to this place, knows it well and can guide us to its most picturesque corners. We decide to focus on shades of red, which becomes the common denominator of the images in this service.

Bango their little dog accompanies us and patiently waits for the moment when he will be the protagonist. When the moment comes he gives us big smiles, yes really smiles, because sometimes little dogs just seem to smile at us and Bango knows something about that.

Andrea and Maša are a wonderful couple, without the need to tell them anything they know what to do throughout the shoot and when a couple is so close-knit the photo shoot can only be easy to accomplish.

Thanks guys

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