Premarriage by motorcycle in Udine

We open this season with a very special pre-wedding service.

When, together with Rosalba and Tommaso, we set out to think about the cut to give their pre-wedding service, the choice immediately fell on their passion: Harley Davidsons.
A motorcycle photo shoot was a bit of a novelty for us but the idea captured us right away also because the world of Harleys has always fascinated us.
All that remained was the choice of the location best suited for an on-the-road shoot; we wanted a space  away from the cities, barren and with wide open spaces that would help render the idea of freedom that is at the heart of the Harley philosophy.
Riccardo immediately identified the right place, a ford on the Meduna riverbed an hour or so from Udine, an environment with the right tones, vast and perfect for safe motorcycle passages.
Things then became even more interesting when, a few days before the service, Rosalba proposed that we start the service with two other pairs of bikers who were friends of theirs and who were going to start the “Lone Wolf no club” in those very days.

Everything that happened after that between nice bikes, great guys, smoke bombs and lots of dust, you can see for yourself from the photos:

For the more nerdy some technical details at the bottom of the article.

PS: Thomas, before being a motorcyclist, is above all a photographer. You can follow him on IG here



Sony A9

Sony A7III



Sony Zeiss 35/1.4

Sony 85/1.8

Sigma 24-70/2.8 Art



Parrot ANAFI Drone

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