Sara and Davide, premarital in Udine

We return to posting on our blog with a fantastic couple premarital service.
Sara and Davide chose a simple but very picturesque location nestled among the fields and vineyards of our region.

Each pre-wedding shoot is unique and allows us to really get in touch with the bride and groom-to-be and their personalities, but most importantly, it allows them to get to know us better and get “comfortable” with the camera.

During the pre-wedding then you are much looser, relaxed and often spontaneous with much more time on your hands compared to the portraits taken on the wedding day. All this helps to create an even more intimate and spontaneous memory of you and your love, and every time it is a thrill to be able to witness it.

For the Nerds: do you want to know what we made these photos with? check it out !

As always we open the gallery with a small slideshow that can also be viewed on our brand new YouTube channel




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