Wedding in Udine, Rosalba and Tommaso

From the meeting of two such peculiar boys, something truly original could only come about.

Tommaso is a motorcyclist with a passion for Harleys and Rosalba a wonderful girl who carries the sunshine of her homeland in her heart.

We enter their home that combines design and lots of art, Rosalba paints while Tommaso is a photographer who can bring things to life.

If the moment of the bride and groom meeting is always exciting, this one was spectacular. Two Harleys appeared between wings of friends, paving the way for a beautiful vintage mercedes that Rosalba could not wait to get out of.

The wedding celebration took place in a sometimes deafening silence that gave us an easy way to capture all the emotion of these young people and their guests.

From the release onward there was an explosion of pure love. The first shots we took with the boys allowed us to see how much they had been waiting for this moment and probably also how incredulous they were that they had taken this wonderful step.

The party was held at La Subida, a country resort located in the stunning Collio region, where the magic of this beautiful area translates into some of the world’s finest wines.

A superb jazz ensemble accompanied the entire reception, creating a magical atmosphere.

In the late afternoon we took the opportunity to take a few more portraits in anticipation of the traditional African ceremony. This moment was full of color, and Thomas’ mother and sister also wore traditional clothes, and all the men were given scarves as expected for weddings in the Ivory Coast.

The day was a continuum of excitement and surprises and was conducted with the sobriety and style characteristic of our young bride and groom.

Thank you guys for allowing us to tell the story of your love.




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