We've been shooting together for more than ten years, is it time for a change?

But then who would know us so well?

No no come on, let's keep telling these stories together, also because we have seen a lot of them, it is true, but we still miss yours.

The great thing about working together for a long time is that we have learned to understand in advance even what the other is watching so we know well how to move, what and when to take certain shots and how to make even the small unexpected ones interesting and fun.

I am shy, taciturn and reserved... no that's not true,

I am quite outgoing, I like to listen to you and find ways to quickly connect with you.

It usually works and allows me to catch you in the most natural way.

I am the head of the Trieste headquarter.

I enjoy skiing, sports, traveling with my Moto Guzzi, history and TV series.

Favorite movie? "Robin Hood" Disney version, "The sword in the stone" also Disney, the 007 saga, "the Godfather" but only 1 and 2

Favorite writer? Joel Dicker

Music? Rock, Queen, Bruce Springsteen ...

Dream trip? To travel the entire Pan-American Highway

"I am an absolutely outgoing person, I love to talk and I will entertain you with my jokes"

"I don't know Rick, it looks fake to me!".

The exact opposite, I'm an introvert, I love to observe, immerse myself in your world and connect with you.
I am the head of the Verona and Dolomites studio.

I like mountains, lego, movies, vintage cars and board games.

Favorite movie? “The Goonies”, “The tree of life”, “The Shining” and “Rick and Morty”.

Favorite writer? C. Bukowski

Music? Punk or Electronics

Dream trip? Burning Man